Coach the Coaches

Would you like to be able to provide your Goalkeeper with more informed information in training and match situations?

It is common knowledge that accross the United Kingdom, many coaches of teams struggle to directly help their goalkeeper in their team training sessions, or know how to get the most out of their goalkeeper in a game situation. I provide a Coach the Coaches service in which I will seek to help your team coaches with a 90 minute session which will provide various ideas and methods in which you can help maximise your coaching of your goalkeeper in training sessions or at your teams matches.

This service allows me to put forward ideas that can be used in training, technical and tactical development models to be used and various methods to promote goalkeeper development. After engaging in this session you will hopefully find that your coach behaviour and philosophy towards your team's goalkeeper will have changed positively, allowing you to provide a much more informed experience for the goalkeeper, thus helping your team develop into a stronger set of players as a whole. I would strongly reccommend this service for any youth football teams looking to help their coaches understand how to include and develop their goalkeepers further.

With my 2013 Work Experience, Declan Meek of Mersham FC