Hi Matt. I have been meaning to write for ages, but as this is the first anniversary week of your coaching the boys, it seems as good a time as any. It's really just to say a huge thank you for all your training with Dec and Calum over the past year. They both love it, and Calum especially spends most of his free time outside playing saves against other lads in the neighbourhood.

Dec has really flourished in the past year. Partly of course that's due to you teaching the practical skills he needs to be a goalie, but more importantly, I think you have also boosted his confidence massively to the extent where he can see being a goalie as a real possibility, not just a dream. And it's also thanks to you getting him a place on a team so that he can put all that training into practice.

So, thank you very much for all your training and encouragement. You probably don't realise the massive impact it's had, but it is very much appreciated.

Heather Meek

My son has been attending Matt's coaching sessions for the last 9 months, including the Holiday Courses. He thoroughly enjoys the sessions which are well organised and fun, and it is so rewarding to see the improvement in his ability, confidence and determination. I would like to thank Matt for his support and encouragement and would certainly recommend his coaching sessions.

Sue Edge

Rhys's progress since working with MBGoalkeeping has been amazing, the technical side of his game has improved so much and he loves every minute of training. He enjoys both group sessions and the 1 - 1 training. I myself watch the 1-1 and Matt involves me in the drills and is always asking for my input. I could not recommend anyone else and the input and enthusiasm Matt has for his training is beyond belief! Keep up the good work mate

Gareth Holloway

Dear Matt, I would just like to let you know how thoroughly impressed Chris and I are with the dedication and support that you have shown Henry over the last year. Henry has been with you from the beginning and enjoys all aspects of your coaching; from the Group Sessions to the One to One's and especially the Holiday Courses. Here's to many more years of Matt Burt Goalkeeping!!

Michella Cornbill

Hi Matthew, I'm writing to let you know how much my son has been enjoying your goal-keeping course and it seems he is totally hooked and can't wait for the weekends. He has already attended both of your half term courses and most Saturdays, and , in his own words "Mum it's brilliant because it's so much fun and I'm learning new techniques without knowing it, because I'm having so much fun...". I would love to recommend this course to any child that is interested in goal-keeping, which has given my son so much more confidence in his own ability without him even realising it. Thank you for all your hard work as it's paying off.

Mrs B Mexter

I had never played in goal before but I always wanted to try it, so I did a session with Matt and loved it


Matt is one of the best goalkeepers we have ever had at Homewood School and has played at a very high level in the game. I would recommend him and his coaching expertise to anyone wishing to progress their goalkeeping skills. I always remember the one handed save he made in Spain for our school, one of the best saves I have ever seen

Nick Sparks, Homewood School and former professional player at Luton Town FC

I have been a goalkeeper for many years now. I have taken part in many sessions over the years and joined training with Matt nearly 16 months ago. I feel the training sessions with Matt are really good and in that time I feel that I have improved my game and performance levels!

James, Ashford; Kennington FC

It's been a year since I started at MBGoalkeeping, and I would reccommend this to anyone who wants to not only improve as a goalkeeper but as a person. When I started off playing in goal I would not have thought of using some of the skills I have learnt at MBGoalkeeping. I have been taught to utilise the skills I learn in training into my real match situations. Using these skills in games has helped me massively improve not only my goalkeeping ability, but also my mannerisms on the pitch. Thank you.

Kyran, Ashford; Great Chart and Pilgrims FC

In February, 2011 I came along to my first session with Matt; his first ever GK Holiday Course. After 2 years and 7 months I haven't looked back. I've been training in groups now twice a week for as long as I can remember being a goalkeeper, and found my current team through Matt as well. I always could tell that Matt put lots of effort and organisation into each session, but it was only a few months ago I really learned how much went into this.

This was during my work experience in Year 10, as I have wanted to become a coach since meeting and training with Matt, so the thought of working with Matt was the first and only thing I wanted to do for work experience. During this time, I realised how much effort has to go into every session, and appreciated how much time Matt has to spend planning everything, yet it's clear how much Matt enjoys his work, and the enthusiasm and positive atmosphere is clear in training.

While his drills are organised, relevant and enjoyable, another good thing about training with Matt is his approachability. Matt is friendly and open, and will endeavour to help people with worries or concerns, adding to the quality of his training. Nobody is ever left feeling out of place or unsure of what to do, and as a result, people of a large variety of ages get along really well. All around, Matt is undoubtedly the best coach I have worked under and look forward to training further in the future.

Declan Meek, Mersham FC and first MBGoalkeeping Work Experience Student.